Seller-based OMS and WMS allowing sellers to manage their orders from multiple online marketplaces at one stop..


Case Study: Building a Scalable E-Commerce Platform.

Challenge: The client wanted to create a multi-vendor e-commerce platform that can handle one million daily visitors. The client's current platform was not able to support such high traffic due to poor server architecture.

Solution: To solve the problem, we developed a web-based platform where vendors can manage their orders and inventories from multiple marketplaces in one central location.  

Technology: We also used React Native on the frontend and Ruby on Rails on the backend for our solution. To ensure that the platform was able to handle the increased traffic, we utilized the AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS) with auto-scaling. This allowed the system to adjust to the load and ensure that it was always running at optimal performance. We also used a fully-managed AWS Relational Database Service (RDS) instance for the PostgreSQL database, which ensured that the data was stored and managed securely.

Benefits: By implementing our solution, the client is now able to manage all their orders and warehouse data in one central location, rather than having to manage it separately on multiple marketplaces. This has not only increased efficiency but also reduced the time and resources required to manage their business. The platform's scalability also ensures that the client can continue to grow their business without having to worry about the limitations of their technology.


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