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Case Study: Podcast App Rebuild.

Challenge: Our client was in need of a complete platform rebuild. The current architecture was not optimized and was becoming increasingly costly to maintain. The goal was to create a new platform with enhanced features that would be both cost-effective and scalable.

Solution: To solve the problem, we provided a well-managed and scalable platform with new enhanced features at a very cost-effective price. We also implemented a deployment architecture that ensures optimal performance and cost efficiency.

Technology: We used Flutter on the frontend and Ruby on Rails on the backend for our solution. The web platform for the admin and RJ was deployed on the AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS) and used a MongoDB-managed EC2 with an auto-scalable architecture.

Benefits: The system is now faster and more cost-efficient, making it a better experience for users and a more profitable solution for the company. The enhanced features also provide a better user experience and a wider range of content to discover. Overall, the rebuild has been a success and has brought a renewed energy to the client's podcast application.

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