Health tracking app integrated with smart watches.


Case Study: Transforming Health Tracking with AI and ML.

Challenge: The goal was to create a health tracking application that allows users of all ages to keep track of their medical records and documents in one place, as well as book lab tests and manage lab reports with automatic data detection. The application needed to be user-friendly and accessible to people of different age groups.

Solution: To tackle this challenge, we developed a mobile application that combines health tracking on smart watches, lab test booking, and report management with automatic report analysis. Our all-in-one solution makes it easy for users to manage their health and medical records, as well as book and track lab tests and reports. With our proprietary AI and ML techniques, healthcare practitioners and researchers can now provide insights to enhance users' family's wellbeing by tackling aging.

Technology: To build our solution, we utilized Node.js on the backend and React Native on the frontend, with AWS as our cloud provider. The backend was deployed to the AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS) with autoscaling and load balancing, and we used MongoDB as our database, which was managed on AWS EC2 instances. We also utilized the Amazon Optical Character Recognition (OCR) service, AWS Textract, to extract data from lab reports and process it for health analysis.

  • The ability to connect digital devices, such as smart watches, to track health data like heart rate and steps taken, sleep, etc.
  • A convenient, centralized location for booking lab tests and managing lab reports
  • A comprehensive and user-friendly platform for tracking and managing health and medical information.

Our mobile application is a game-changer in the healthcare industry.

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