Next generation tangible eBooks with annotated audio notes at intended locations and provide constructive feedback for best learning outcomes and value-based education.


Case Study: Introducing the Next Generation of Tangible eBooks.

Challenge: Our client needed a customized eBook sharing application that would allow users to add text and audio markers to annotate the content of the book.

Solution: To tackle this challenge, our team developed a web-based platform that allows users to create and share eBooks with public or private access for one or more members. It's a convenient way for people to create and share annotated eBooks with others.

Technology: Our tech-savvy team used React JS on the frontend and Laravel on the backend. The backend was deployed on an AWS EC2 instance with an autoscaling group to handle fluctuations in traffic. We also used a load balancer to distribute incoming requests evenly across multiple servers. Additionally, we utilized a fully managed RDS MySql database to store and manage the data.

  • Allows students and teachers to share notes and eBooks with audio annotations and explanations. 
  • This can be a helpful tool for facilitating learning and for addressing any questions or doubts that may arise.

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