A social media platform to organize events, stay connected and track the activities from start to finish.


Case Study: A Media-Sharing Platform that Keeps Track of Events.

Challenge: Our client needed a solution that would allow users to easily track data about events and manage expenses all in one place.

Solution: We provided a well-managed and scalable platform that is both cost-effective and fully secured. We created a fast and efficient media-sharing application with an expense management feature, available on both web and mobile platforms.

Technology: To bring this solution to life, we leveraged the power of React Native on the frontend and Node.js on the backend. The web platform was deployed on the AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS) and used a MongoDB-compatible Document DB with an auto-scalable architecture.

Benefits: The media-sharing platform that we developed for our client was a huge success. Users were able to easily share and track data about events, and the expense management feature proved to be a valuable addition to the platform. The platform was also able to handle large amounts of data and traffic, ensuring that it could scale with the client's growing business. Overall, our client was extremely satisfied with the solution we provided and we continue to work with them to improve and maintain the platform.

We provided our client with a cutting-edge media-sharing platform that exceeded their expectations. With the ability to track data and manage expenses all in one place, they can now focus on creating and capturing unforgettable moments. 

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